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Here at M D W Decorating in Essex, we can complete any type of painting and decorating work in a professional and and reliable manner. Whether you are are looking for interior or exterior decorating, be this spraying or specialist finishes, we have the experience and expertise to exceed all your expectations. We also make sure that the workspace is left clear after each day so that any dust or dirt is not dragged through your house.


Spraying - Spraying has become the go-to painting technique for many decorators. The fine spray makes decorating much easier for a number of reasons. Firstly, the spray canister covers a larger surface area than a brush or a roller, this means that jobs can be finished quicker, and for a lower cost than by traditional means. Additionally, spray painting does not leave any brush marks, and the fine paint allows multiple layers to be added evenly, without the risk of the paint dripping.


Vinyls - Bring some originality to your property with M D W Decorating’s vinyl wall decals. Whether using a pre-purchased vinyl, or one of our bespoke designs, we can adorn your walls with simple yet eye-catching images. Are you looking for an office wall vinyl to impresses clients? Or a colourful picture for your child’s room? M D W Decorating in Essex has you covered.


Specialist Finishes - Have an idea for a design, but unsure what materials would be required? Give M D W Decorating in Essex a call for expert advice. We can complete many different types of specialised finishes, from textured coatings to mural designs, we have many years experience applying specialised finishes. Give us a call in order to discuss your ideas and to see what M D W Decorating can do for you.


Insurance Work - At M D W Decorating in Essex we can complete any work in regards to repairing the decor of your property after a disaster such as a fire. We know that suffering fire or criminal damage can be stressful enough to deal with, without having to worry about the appearance of your home. Let us help you in your time of need by repairing your home. We can deal directly with your insurance company, further reducing the stress caused by the disaster.

If you have any painting or decorating work to be completed to an exceptional standard, please give M D W Decorating a call on 07771966421, or send us a message through our contact page.

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